Quick Answer: Can I Get Verizon Internet In My Area?

How much is Verizon Internet a month?

Quick Answer: Can I Get Verizon Internet In My Area?

Streamlined package choices and no annual contract options soften the blow to your wallet.

Plan*Advertised price**Download speed
Fios Internet 100/100$39.99/mo.100 Mbps
Fios Internet 300/300$59.99/mo.300 Mbps
Fios Gigabit Connection‡$79.99/mo.Up to 940 Mbps

Can I get internet through Verizon?

Not all internet providers and connections are the same. Diversity of internet packages: Find a provider who offers speeds that are on the cutting-edge of industry standards. Verizon Fios provides unlimited bandwidth with speeds up to 940 Mbps download / 880 Mbps upload*, so you can stream and share files in a flash.

Is Verizon Internet any good?

Third-party tests consistently show Verizon provides reliable high-speed internet access in its service areas. Verizon currently offers six plans, and the first three plans offering extremely high internet speeds, all over 25 Mbps for downloads.

Does Verizon offer high speed Internet?

Verizon “High Speed Internet” is the brand name for Verizon’s DSL plans. Fiber delivers speeds up to 1,000+ Mbps, while DSL tends to cap well before 50 Mbps. Call the number above to have a representative check specific high speed Internet speeds available at your address.

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