Can You Romance Park Cold War?

What happens if you lie to Adler Cold War?

If you choose to lie to Adler and his team, the final mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s campaign will change from being The Final Countdown to Ashes to Ashes.

After lying for example, you have limited time in the hub to send a message in order to set up an ambush..

How old is Helen Park from Cold War?

28Helen Park, one of the characters who feature prominently in Black Ops Cold War, has quickly become a favorite amongst Call of Duty fans. Park is 28 in the game.

Should you tell the truth or lie in cold war?

You must either tell the truth about Perseus’ location, or lie to compromise the mission. There’s a pretty clear-cut ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ending structure here, and no prizes for guessing who you have to side with to get the good one.

Does Lazar Die in Cold War?

At the end of End of the Line, Bell will strap in to the rescue line for pickup, before the team is hit with an RPG. The explosion knocks both Lazar and Park out of reach, and both are injured enough that they can’t reach the line, themselves.

Should I kill or capture Volkov?

If you decide to kill Volkov, you simply have to shoot him. Adler shows up and agrees with your actions but Agent Park is upset with you and is angry as MI6 could have used more information from Volkov. This choice impacts the end. Good guy ending is to kill Volkov, bad guy is to not kill him.

Does Adler kill you?

Adler will have retreated inside a nearby building. When you find him he is wounded – he asks for a light and then tries to stab you – fight back and you plunge the knife into Adler’s chest, killing him.

Is Adler dead?

Deceased (1870–1937)Alfred Adler/Living or Deceased

What is the best ending in Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War good ending Obviously for the good ending you want to pick Solovetsky. Do that and you and the team will head out there and take on Perseus’ forces. After an extended battle you’ll destroy the AA guns, enabling US bombers to destroy the site and prevent the detonation of the nukes all over Europe.

What happens to park in Cold War?

If you get the bad guy ending, Park is assumed dead. The choice is the same as securing Lazar. If you choose the bad guy ending at the end of the game, you will learn that whoever you left behind is either presumed dead or dead.

Who is Park in Cold War modeled after?

Activision Helen Park was a fan-favorite character from Black Ops Cold War’s story. Over on Instagram, Cowles posted a near-perfect cosplay of the character – and considering the actress’s own facial model was used for Park when Treyarch/Raven were making the game, it’s easy to understand why it looks so accurate.

Why did Adler kill the bell?

The game’s “worst ending” involves Adler killing Bell — something the man intended on doing from the get-go because he knows that Bell’s been brainwashed and just can’t bring himself to trust him.

How did Adler die?

Adler died from a heart attack in 1937 in Aberdeen, Scotland, during a lecture tour, although his remains went missing and were unaccounted for until 2007.

Is there a way to save both Park and Lazar?

It’s primarily a preference, but it doesn’t hurt to have two save files where you saved Park and another where you save Lazar. Alternatively, if you choose neither, you’ll leave both of them to die.

How many endings are in cold war?

three endingsBlack Ops Cold War has three endings: a Good Ending, and two variations of a Bad Ending. These Endings will show once you’ve wrapped up all the missions in the game, and a short recap has played through that reiterates all the actions you’ve taken in the campaign to date.

Does Bell Die in Cold War?

In the non-canonical endings where Bell chooses to stay loyal to Perseus, they lie by telling Adler to head to Duga, where the team will be too far away to stop Perseus from activating the nukes. … If Bell refuses to kill the team, Bell is executed by Adler but the nukes will still go off.

Should you lie or tell the truth to Adler?

The most important choice you’ll make is in the mission “Identity Crisis” where you’ll have to choose between telling Adler the Truth or the Lie. Adler will ask Bell where Perseus is and you can tell him the truth, that the base is in Solovetsky, or a lie, that it’s in Duga.

How do you get a bad ending in the Cold War?

To get the alternate bad ending in Black Ops Cold War, choose “Lie” when Adler questions you during the Identity Crisis mission. While the team is preparing for the final mission, do not use the phone to contact Perseus. Just let the timer expire and you will get the alternate bad ending.

Can you save Greta Cold War?

If you choose to rescue Richter, you’ll simply set him free. He’ll offer his thanks before he heads off on his way. However, you’ll later learn of his betrayal. Alternatively, if you choose to kill Richter, you can simply put a bullet between his eyes and be done with it.

Is Park Samantha Cold War?

Samantha Maxis is a character featured in Treyarch’s Zombies mode. … Samantha returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as part of the Dark Aether story.

What happens if you don’t listen to Adler in Break on through?

Repeatedly disobeying Adler in the final stretch of the level also awards the “The Red Door” Trophy/Achievement. The level will begin with Bell hearing Perseus’ warning. “Adler is lying to you, do not trust him.” Adler will tell Bell he woke up in the middle of a firefight.