Can You Watch Two Channels At The Same Time On Sky Q?

On a Sky Q 1TB and 2TB box, you can customise your viewing using split screen view where you can watch two sports channels alongside each other.

Also, if you’re watching the F1, you’ll be able to switch between alternative camera views to enjoy the race from a range of angles.

Can I watch 2 channels at once with Sky Q?

The two different storage-sized Sky Q boxes give you different Multiroom perks. With the 1TB Sky Q box, you can connect up to four Mini boxes and watch Sky on two TVs at the same time. With the 2TB box, however, you can watch Sky on up to three TVs at the same time, and stream on up to two other devices at home.7 Dec 2018

How many channels can you record at the same time on Sky Q?

Find more details on HD and UHD offerings below. The Sky Q 2TB box also offers 12 tuners; four for recording, and five for watching live TV and streaming to up to two Sky Q Mini boxes and up to two mobile devices simultaneously.19 Sep 2019

Can Sky Q record 2 things at once?

Re: Recording: How many programmes can I record and watch at the same time? A Sky+ box can record two programs at once only and not a third, if you want to do this then you need to upgrade to a Sky Q box where you can record six programs at once.and watch a seventh.8 May 2019