Did Persona 5 Royal Sell Well?

Are Persona 4 and 5 connected?

Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 all share the same setting, due to references made in each game.

The cast of Persona 4 is referenced in Persona 5, as Goro Akechi is described as being the second coming of the Detective Prince, with Naoto Shirogane (one of the party members in Persona 4), being the first..

Will Persona 5 strikers be on PS5?

Save $20 on the newly released Persona 5 Strikers on PS5 and Switch.

Will there be a persona 6?

There’s no official news about a new title yet, though rumors have been brewing for some time. Persona 6’s announcement is definitely plausible, but it may be some time before fans get to see very much of it.

Is Persona 5 better in English or Japanese?

I know that the Japanese voice acting is often much better. In my opinion I think the voice acting in Persona 5 is equal on both sides. … If you usually prefer Japanese voice acting, play it in Japanese. If you prefer Dub then play it in English.

Does Persona 5 Save carry over to Royal?

The short answer is no. Your Persona 5 save file cannot be carried over to Persona 5 Royal — you can’t just load it up and kick things off at the end of Persona 5.

Can you get laid in Persona 5?

Persona 5 is different though. … But in Persona 5, it is straight up. You can date older women, kiss them, and even (in the game’s own sweet little off-camera way) sleep with them.

Can I update Persona 5 to Royal?

No. According to Atlus, Persona 5 The Royal is not just an addon to Persona 5, but an entirely new game. … Basically, if you want to have Persona 5 The Royal, you need to buy the game again. You will also need to buy any DLC you bought for Persona 5 again.

Does Persona 5 Royal have all DLC?

The ‘Persona®5 Royal Legacy DLC Bundle’ comes with all the additional content from the original Persona®5. It looks like it comes with all DLC included.

Is Persona 5 Royal worth waiting for?

Unlike the others replying, I recommend you wait for Royal. There are parts added in Royal better experienced by someone who never played Persona 5 in my opinion. And you’re better off buying Royal since it has everything P5 has, but more and (generally) better.

Should I buy Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal?

If you haven’t played Persona 5 yet, go with Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal is basically just Persona 5, but with extra content. It’s not like a game of the year edition though; the extra story and character content you get in Persona 5 Royal is simply unavailable to Persona 5 players.

Is Persona 5 Royal easy?

Yes it’s damn easier. SP management was the core of dungeon’s difficulty: now you can buy plenty of SP items after the first Palace. For example, I got to the December palace, and one of the lowest level personas you fine there are Cerberuses. In P5, Cerberus was 4-5 levels above me.

Is Joker’s name Ren or Akira?

Akira Kurusu is Joker’s name in the Persona 5 manga, which is why certain people have been led to believe that it’s his canon name in the game. However, Ren Amamiya was used in the official anime series based on the game, as well as in Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight.

How old is Haru?

17AboutJapanese Name奥村 春NicknamesNoir(Code) Beauty ThiefDate Of BirthDec 05, 2004Age17(18)ZodiacSagittarius4 more rows

Who is the strongest persona user?

10 Most Powerful Persona Users Across The Entire Series1 Aigis (P3) Aigis is the most unique persona user of the universe and Persona 3.2 Goro Akechi. Another wild card user who is able to use multiple personas, like Robin Hood and Loki. … 3 Velvet Room Members. … 4 Tohru Adachi (P4) … 5 Yu Narukami (P4) … 6 Junpei Iori (P3) … 7 Ren Amamiya (P5) … 8 Tatsuya Suou (P2) … More items…•Jan 30, 2021

How many copies did Persona 5 royal sell?

Persona 5 Royal’s total sales worldwide are currently at 1,4 million. And the Persona series as a whole, since its launch in 1996, sold over 13 million copies worldwide.

Is Persona 5 Royal worth buying?

Royal also includes 30 new music tracks, new weather effects, and a new opening video. If you loved the game the first time around, Persona 5 Royal is almost certainly worth the full sticker price. If you’ve never played P5, this is definitely the version to get. Persona 5 Royal comes to PS4 March 31.

Is Persona 5 scramble Canon to Royal?

While it’s unfortunate considering Persona 5 Royal can be quantified as the definitive version of the fifth entry, Strikers originally released in Japan (known as Persona 5 Scramble) before Royal, so the latest game is not canon to Strikers.

How many hours does Persona 5 Royal add?

How Long Does It Take To Finish Persona 5 Royal? Story-driven, AAA JRPGs are known for their long playtimes— and Persona 5 Royal is no exception. While the original Persona 5 ran a whopping 80~100 hours, Persona 5 Royal takes a good 110~130 hours to complete.

How old is Joker persona?

161 Joker (Age: 16, Height: 5’9, Birthday: Unknown)

Should I beat Persona 5 before Royal?

If you haven’t played Persona 5 yet, go with Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal is basically just Persona 5, but with extra content. … Additionally, all the DLC that you bought for Persona 5 needs to be bought again for Persona 5 Royal, since they didn’t include that in the game.