Does Sky Q Use Broadband?

You don’t need Sky Broadband to use Sky Q – it’ll still work if you’re with another provider – but if you bundle up, you get the new Sky Hub router.

In-built powerline technology uses the wires in your house to send data to Sky Q boxes to help streaming quality.

Does Sky q work with other broadband providers?

You can have your broadband provided by rivals, such as Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk or any other ISP. There might be a minimum bandwidth required, which we’ll find out more on in the coming months, but the Sky Q Silver and Sky Q Mini set-top-boxes will still work with alternative internet sources.

Does Sky Q interfere with WIFI?

If you have Sky broadband, your Sky Q Mini boxes will act as Wi-Fi hotspots. This is mostly a good thing, but some people have had problems where devices ping between the Mini’s Wi-Fi and your router’s Wi-Fi, which can cause connectivity problems for some devices.

What connections are on a sky Q box?

There are three Sky Q boxes, and the broadband hub. The two main boxes are the premium Sky Q 2TB (formerly Sky Q Silver) and Sky Q 1TB.