How Do I Beat Shadow Royal Okumura?

Who is the big bad boss in Persona 5 Royal?

Takuto MarukiTakuto Maruki is a major non-playable character in Persona 5 Royal..

How do I beat shadow Okumura?

Keep your HP Up And don’t let up. When Shadow Okumura has run out of minions to send, throw your attacks at him to take him down. Haru’s Psi skills will definitely be helpful here. At this point, only two or three attacks are necessary to knock Okumura out of his chair.

What is shadow Haru weak to?

If you have Haru Okumura, have her cast psy attacks. After that, attack the two blue lackeys in the middle with fire attacks. The next set has three golden lackeys and one lanky, tall one. The tall lanky one is weak to nuclear attacks, making Makoto a good choice.

What level should I be for shadow Okumura?

If you’re playing on Hard I’d suggest 45 to give yourself some leeway. I think the general recommended level was 10 per palace. I’m playing on normal actually. I’ll probably grind to 43 and then try the fight.

Who killed Okumura?

ShidoAfter the Phantom Thieves change his heart, Shido publicly confesses to being the one responsible for Okumura’s murder following his landslide victory.

Will seeds Persona 5 Royal Okumura?

Persona 5 Royal Okumura Palace Will Seed locations The Will Seed sits right at the end of the corridor you’ve swung to. To the right of the Export Line safe room, walk up the ramp until you reach a grappling point, then climb up a set of pipes and follow them to a vent.

Are Will seeds worth it Persona 5?

Looking for all Will Seeds in Persona 5 Royal? There are three Will Seeds in (almost) every Palace in Persona 5 Royal. Finding all three in one Palace rewards you with an exclusive, and often powerful, accessory — so they’re well worth hunting down.

What is Kohinoor weak to?

Gun attacksKoh-i-Noor possesses a weakness to Gun attacks, which can be used to knock it down for negotiation or an All-Out Attack.

Why did they choose black and white?

On September 24th you will be asked, “Do you know why they chose black and white?”. The answer is “So it shows up well on TV”.

How do you beat the robot in Haru?

1) Switch the difficulty to Merciless. Okay, this is going to sound completely counter-intuitive, but it will help you enormously. … 2) Pick the right team. … 3) Bludgeon the big black robot. … 4) Let cognitive Haru blow herself up. … 5) So that’s how to beat the Okumura boss!May 21, 2020

Is akechi a bad guy?

Despite being the game’s traitor and red herring, as well as his polarizing receptions throughout the entire fanbase, Akechi placed 1st in a poll for the most popular member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Akechi is the only major antagonist in Persona 5 that is a former playable character and a Persona user.

What does Okumura mean?

secluded villageJapanese: ‘secluded village’; mostly found in the Nagoya region and the island of Okinawa.

Will seeds Niijima Palace?

But one major change in each palace is the existence of Will Seeds. Each Persona 5 Royal palace now has three Will Seeds hidden inside. Picking up all of them will net you a sweet new item, which Jose can later upgrade for free in Mementos.

Who killed Futaba’s mom?

AkechiAkechi killed Futaba’s mom, Haru’s dad, random train drivers (who in turn accidentally murdered so many people because of train accidents), the school principal, Akira… He planned to kill all the Phantom Thieves and Shido. He’s killed so many more people than what we were shown.

Will seeds Futaba?

Futaba’s Palace’s blue Will Seed of Wrath in is near the end of the dungeon, in the Chamber of Sanctuary. In this room, you need to grapple around to reach the exit. Grapple up to the top of the room — near the green pyramid — and you’ll find the final sealed door guarded by a powerful Shadow.

Why is Okumura easier on merciless?

Merciless makes it much easier as you get massive damage for hitting weaknesses. It’s arguably easier than playing on Hard overall, as long as enemies have weaknesses or you have a reliable way of getting Technicals.

What level should I be for each palace?

10 levels10 levels per Palace should be fine. Lower if you’re not neglecting your Personas. Just use the Thieves Network to see the average level of other players around the date you’re at. The network data is not a good indicator for late game since majority abused the reaper.

What level should you be to fight maruki?

You’ll need to level up Maruki to rank 9 prior to November 18. If you can do that, he’ll automatically hit rank 10 on November 18. Make sure to do this if you’d like to experience everything added in Royal.