Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Get Internet Through Direct TV?

DIRECTV NOW is an internet-based version of DIRECTV.

The packages available through DIRECTV NOW have fewer channels and different pricing.



How much does internet cost with directv?

1st & 2nd year Pricing: $75/mo for SELECT All Included + Internet; $80/mo for ENTERTAINMENT All Included + Internet; $85/mo for CHOICE All Included + Internet; $95/mo for XTRA All Included + Internet; $100/mo for ULTIMATE All Included + Internet; $150/mo for PREMIER All Included + Internet for first 12 mos.

How can I get directv to lower my bill?

Here are the steps you too can utilize to lower your DIRECTV bill:

  • Call DIRECTV Customer Service at 1-855-387-6898.
  • Press option #2 and option #3 to go to the cancel service center.
  • Greet the representative by name and state you’d like to disconnect your service.

26 Jan 2017

Is directv Internet service any good?

Good question — and not one DirecTV apparently likes to answer, because their speeds — while faster than dial-up — still severely lacks when compared to Cable or DSL providers. Up until last year, DirecTV Internet averaged out around 1.5mbps (megabits per second). DirecTV Internet has an average latency of 500ms.4 Sep 2013

How much does directv cost?


DirecTV PackageDiscount PriceNFL Sunday Ticket
DirecTV CHOICE$60/mo.Included
DirecTV SELECT$35/mo.Not included
DirecTV FAMILY$30/mo.Not included
DirecTV NOW$35/mo.Not included

14 Dec 2017

Can you get internet through Direct TV?

No, DIRECTV doesn’t offer internet service, but you can pair DIRECTV with satellite internet service from Viasat or HughesNet. You can order DIRECTV and satellite internet together, but they aren’t technically a bundle.

How do I get WiFi with directv?

Connect a receiver to a wireless network

  1. Check that the router does not have a WPS logo.
  2. Connect the Wireless DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit device to the receiver.
  3. Use the DIRECTV remote control to select Set Up Now on the TV.
  4. Choose your wireless network from the list and select Continue.
  5. The prompt to enter the Security Key (your network password) appears.