Question: What Is The Best AR In Modern Warfare?

What is the best AR in warzone?

The best AR in Warzone.

The best Assault Rifle in Warzone is the FFAR 1.

FFAR 1 – Best Assault Rifle in Warzone.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the FFAR 1 is a monster at close range.


The CR-56 AMAX has had a surprising resurgence in Verdansk.

Grau 5.56.


Kilo 141.


RAM-7.More items…•23-Mar-2021.

What ar does the most damage in modern warfare?

M4A1M4A1 Assault Rifle (AR) The M4A1 is widely seen as one of the best guns in the game, with its high fire rate, low recoil, and high damage rate. Along with its incredible stats, the M4A1 also has the ability to be massively tweaked due to the new Gunsmith feature in Modern Warfare.

Is Grau better than M4?

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner argues that the M4 is actually better for controller players, while the Grau is the preference of PC players. Former pro Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler says the M4 is definitely the better weapon, but the reduced recoil on the Grau makes it a very tempting option.

Is the M4A1 or M13 better?

Boasting a good damage output and a slightly slower rate of fire than the M4A1, the M13 is much more effective at the longer ranges but does lack performance when it comes to close quarters engagements. The iron sight on the M13 is very easy to use when aiming down the sights (ADS).