Quick Answer: What Made Grandmother Happy?

What made the grandmother unhappy and why?

Grandmother could not help author in studies as now he was in an English school, where they taught English, Science, and Music.

She felt unhappy when she learnt that city school did not teach about God’s scriptures..

How did the grandmother spend her whole day?

She spent her whole day in city by:- i)She always recites her prayers in low voice. ii)By Chanting the holy “mala”. iii)And in the evening she used to feed the sparrows with bread crumbs. iv)She was engaged in spinning wheel from sunrise to sunset.

What did the grandmother do in her final hours?

Answer. Answer: The grandmother was silently praying and telling her beads option (C).

What was the last sign of physical contact between them?

Answer. The last sign of the physical contact between the author and the grandmother is when she kissed in the narrator’s forehead.

How grandmother spend her day in city?

the grandmother spent most of her time spinning wheel. while spinning she also recited prayers. In the afternoon , she used to relax for a while to feed the sparrows. When the writer went up to the university , he had been a given room of his own.

Why could the grandmother not walk straight?

Answer: The grandmother was short, fat and little bent. She was an old woman. She used to hobble around the house in spotless white clothes by resting one hand on her waist to support or balance her stoop.

How did the grandmother die?

Dear student, After the return of the author, the grandmother celebrated his home coming for an entire night and consequently fell ill. However, she could not recover from her illness and she died chanting the name of God, with the rosery in her hand.

Why did the grandmother stop talking before her death?

Grandmother stopped talking to anybody before her death because she wanted to spend her last time of life in prying god. … But grandmother told that she was going to die soon so she would not waste her time in talking and other things with the family.

How did the narrator and the grandmother become good friends?

Actually, both of them were like good and intimate friends. They spent most of the time together. She woke him up early in the morning and got him ready for school. She gave him a breakfast of stale bread with a little butter and sugar spread on it.

What made the grandmother happy?

Answer. Answer: The author wents to English school In which they taught English words western science, Archimedes principle that made grademother unhappy. She was dissapointed that in English school there was no teaching about God and scriptures.So these made grandmother unhappy.

What made grandmother unhappy in the city?

Grandmother is unhappy with the city’s education because she is of old thoughts. She liked the teaching in the schools of the village where they taught about religion and the gods. She didn’t like that school does not teach a thing about religion which according to her was the most important thing.

How did the grandmother look?

Answer: Khushwant Singh describes his grandmother as Short ,fat and a little Stooped. He also describes her as being not pretty in the traditional sense but her serenity made her beautiful as she always used to chant silent prayers from beads of rosary. She was always in spotless white.

What did the grandmother not like about the city school?

The grandmother didn’t like the English school in the city. It was totally different from the village school that was attached to the temple. She was sad and disturbed. They didn’t teach anything about God and the scriptures at the new school.

What happened when the grandmother didn’t pray for the first time?

Answer: The author’s grandmother missed the evening prayer for the first time​ on the day when the author arrived from abroad after five years. Explanation: … She even forgot to pray and sang continuously. This made her over exhausted which became the reason of her death.

Was the grandmother educated How can you tell?

No, she was not educated as you can see that when narrator used to study subjects like english, etc., she won’t liked those subjects as the schools were not giving any knowledge about the god and scriptures. She also couldn’t help him on his homework.

How did Grandmother look in the portrait of Lady?

In the The Portrait of a Lady story that was authored by Khushwant Singh describes about the physical appearance of his grandmother. He stated that his grandmother as a religious person who looks short and fat with hunched stature. The silvery hair falls on her wrinkled face always.

How did the sparrows mourn the death of the grandmother?

When they carried the grandmother’s corpse off they flew away quietly. Next morning the sweeper swept the bread crumbs into the dustbin. The sparrows paid their silent tribute to the grand old lady. They mourned her death.

How did the sparrows express their sorrow at the death of their grandmother?

When the grandmother died thousands of sparrows expressed their sorrow by sitting scattered in the verandah in mourning while grandmother‟s dead-body lay there. They did not chirrup. … When they carried grandmother‟s corpse off they flew away quietly.