Quick Answer: What Was So Difficult For The Narrator To Believe About His Grandparents And Why?

What was the happiest moment of the day for the grandmother?

The happiest moment for the grandmother of the day was feeding the sparrows.

In the afternoon, she would sat in the verandah and threw the little crumbs of bread..

How did the grandmother spend her time?

She spent her time in city house reciting her prayers in low voice. ii)By Chanting the holy “mala”. iii)And in the evening she used to feed the sparrows with bread crumbs.

What could the narrator believe about his grandmother?

Answer. The narrator has seen his grandmother in the image of an old lady and his grandfather in the portrait. It was very difficult to imagine about both of his grandparents that someday they would have looked young. … He was not able to imagine her grandmother to look like a young and pretty lady.

Why was it difficult for the author to believe that his grandmother was ever pretty?

the author finds it hard to believe that his grandma was ones young and pretty because he had always seen his grandma old and wrinkled from last 20 years. … The author further adds that she was like the winter landscape in th mountains and an expanse of pure white serenity breathing peace and contentment.

Why could the grandmother not walk straight?

Answer: The grandmother was short, fat and little bent. She was an old woman. She used to hobble around the house in spotless white clothes by resting one hand on her waist to support or balance her stoop.

What made the grandmother unhappy in the city?

Grandmother is unhappy with the city’s education because she is of old thoughts. She liked the teaching in the schools of the village where they taught about religion and the gods. She didn’t like that school does not teach a thing about religion which according to her was the most important thing.

What could the narrator not believe about his grandparents and why?

What could the narrator not believe about his grandparents? Ans. … In case of the author’s grandmother, it was difficult to imagine or believe that she, too, once used to play as a child, that she was ever young and pretty, or that she too had a husband.

Why did the narrator not believe that his grandmother would have played some games in her childhood?

Answer. The narrator didn’t take the grandmother’s told stories too seriously. … Her stories about the games which she used to play in her childhood days were very funny and strange. He enjoyed listening to the way grandmother would tell them but never took them much seriously.

Why did the birds collect round grandmother?

The grandmother took to feeding sparrows in the city as she used to feed dogs in the village. Hundreds of little birds collected round her. … They felt sorry for the birds.

What did the grandmother not like about the city school?

The grandmother didn’t like the English school in the city. It was totally different from the village school that was attached to the temple. She was sad and disturbed. They didn’t teach anything about God and the scriptures at the new school.

What happened when the grandmother didn’t pray for the first time?

Answer: The author’s grandmother missed the evening prayer for the first time​ on the day when the author arrived from abroad after five years. Explanation: … She even forgot to pray and sang continuously. This made her over exhausted which became the reason of her death.

Would you agree that the author’s grandmother was a person strong in character?

Answer: Yes, I agree that the author’s grandmother was a person strong in character. … Although she was not formally educated, she was serious about the author’s education. She could not adjust herself to the western way of life, Science and English education.

What was the last sign of physical contact between them?

Answer. The last sign of the physical contact between the author and the grandmother is when she kissed in the narrator’s forehead.

Why do grandmothers hobble?

The grandmother was short, fat and her body was bent due to her age. She was forced to put a hand to her waist to support the stoop so that she could not walk straight. So she hobbled around the house while she was moving around, just like a lame person.

How did the grandmother die?

Dear student, After the return of the author, the grandmother celebrated his home coming for an entire night and consequently fell ill. However, she could not recover from her illness and she died chanting the name of God, with the rosery in her hand.

What was hard to believe about author’s grandmother?

Answer. It was hard to believe for the narrator that his grandmother was young and pretty once. He had seen his grandmother as the way she looked and for him, it was very difficult to imagine his grandmother to be young.

Why did the grandmother hate music?

Grandmother hated music because to her music had lewd associations. It was the monopoly of harlots and beggars and not fit for the tastes of gentlefolk. She was very disapproving of music for that reason.

How did Khushwant Singh portray his grandfather in the lesson?

Answer. Explanation: In The Portrait of a Lady, Khushwant Singh describes his grandfather from the latter’s portrait that hung above the mantelpiece in the drawing room. … Khushwant Singh also goes on to say that his grandfather did not look the sort of person who would have a wife or children.