Question: What’s The Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports?

What is the cheapest way to get Sky TV?

Question: What's The Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports?

The cheapest way to get Sky TV is usually through Sky or TalkTalk.

Sky lets you add on its sports channels to any TV package.

You can choose between packs of one, two or three Sky Sports channels, or get them all if you want to watch everything.

Can I get Sky Sports for free?

NOW TV has announced some new mobile passes which you can only watch via an app on your phone or tablet. The mobile pass is only £5.99 for a month. It only has four sports channels – Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports News.

How much does Sky Sports Cost?

with Sky+ Sky+ subscriptions cost either £22.50/month, £32/month or £38/month for the Original, Variety and Family Bundle packs of channels. Watching Sky Sports in HD requires you to take the HD Pack (£6/month), which is currently only available with a Family Bundle subscription (for a total of £44/month).

Is Virgin cheaper than Sky?

However, Sky’s broadband network is still far larger than Virgin’s. Sky offer more channels at every tier, and while Virgin Media used to win this category because of their Tivo boxes, the move to offer Sky Q as standard means Sky are once more leading the pack in terms of viewing technology. Sky.